Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vintage Signs In Your Seaside Decor !!!

Ok.... Let me cop to yet another addictions signs and wall words!!! After reading many mags on seaside decorating I noticed a reoccurring component , SIGNS !!!!! So then the quest began ,signs, beat up and chippy with a seaside theme. When you come to my home their is alot to read!!!!! Lol I found wall words that I could customize, and had great beach themes. My hubby less than thrilled with this new addiction, since he was the wall words putter upper!!!!! I have lots of signs that evoke that beachy feel, and yet I am still always looking!!! I switch things around alot....hence my OCD.....but you can never have enough beach can you? I also am addicted to numbers on things....but that is for another blog.....LOL. stay peaceful.....Debbie


This one of my favorite signs,it is on an old piece of driftwood. I love the saying especially!!!!!

Love the colors of these signs and I do consider my house a seaside cottage!!! LOL

This one is of my favorites!!! It is painted on an old cabinet door.

Love the sentiment on this one, almost got divorced over putting this one up!!!! LOL

This sign was very cheap.Got it for $ 4!!!!!

This one goes all around my kitchen soffit.

Yes ...words on even the pillows!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my sign parade!!!!



  1. Love! You are my best customer, lol, thanks. And of course I love painting words on signs! I just added someone new ones at West End today!

  2. Uh Oh....I am in trouble!!!! Cape May Trip!!!!!! Cannot wait to see what you have!!!!!Love!!!! Debbie

  3. Gotta love all the signs, no matter what they're on. I too love look of words, letters, numbers on things, especially if the font or writing is vintagey looking. Don't care if pc says there's no such word as vintagey, there is such a word for me. Whatever works huh? I have a terrible time with spacing when I try to make a sign. sigh. Maybe someday I'll be able to make useable signs that I won't be embarrassed to show in my home, lol.
    Your signs are wonderful, can I have them all? Where would I put them I wonder. Enjoy every one of them or somebody else might decide to "borrow" them. Happy Week

  4. You have wonderful beachy signs. I like signage too.


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