Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome Home Wednesday #10!!!!!!!

Hi all....wow my tenth party!!!! It has been so much fun....thanks to all my gals that faithfully join every week!!!! Link up some Holiday joy!!!! Can"t wait to see everyones Holiday inspirations....please follow me if you can....and link back to my party....SO appreciated!!!! Now have fun!!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bounty And Blessings....

With all the damage here on the East Coast , I feel really blessed this Holiday season. This Thanksgiving was bittersweet thinking about all those who have lost so much ... this year was the first Thankgiving at my house!!! It was so much fun to host, and my men folk did all the cooking!!! Which , of course , gave me more time to decorate!!!! I a so thankful for my any blessings...especially me that cook!!!!! Lol





Now onto Christmas!!!!!!

Let the decorating begin!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome Home Wednesday#9

Hi all !!! Welcome to my ninth Linky party.....and thanks so much for everyone who joined last week!!! Please link up whatever inspires you...and this time of year there is TONS of inspiration....Join me on GFC if you have not already and please link back to my party....the more the merrier!!!! Enjoy my friends and a blessed Thanksgiving to you all!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

To My Dearest Friend Kari.....,

The first time I met you was in a casual setting... I had no idea that years later you would become one of my dearest friends!!! I first met you at a Home Decor Party... you were the perfect hostess!!!! Many years later... sitting on a baseball field I realized you were a familiar face. We started chatting, and I remembered that you were the hostess I had met at a party ten years ago!!! Our boys were now playing Little League together,and we would spend hours together watching our boys play!!! Mine was the pitcher ...yours was the catcher . Soon, the boys were inseparable , and so were we!!! We have shared births , death, sickness, and health.After my hysterectomy, you picked me up every day... brought me to your house... and gave me much needed love and support. For that my friend I will always be grateful!!! The years have gone by so quickly, our little ball players are men.We are a little bit older( ok a lot older lol)and maybe not that much wiser!!!One thing however has been a constant... your unwavering friendship!!!No matter what happpens or what life may bring, we have each others back... and heart. So dear friend , during this season of hope and love, I just wanted to say thank you for the gift of your friendship!!!! I have truly cherished our years together... and look forward to many more!!!! Happy Holidays BFF!!!! Love Debbie

Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Mantel....

Hi all..,, I am starting to decorate for the Holidays. I began with the mantel in my living room. I am now in a crazy White phase , so this year my theme is White Farmhouse Vintage Cottage!!!! Who says we can't have it all !!!! LOL I started with a huge Joy sign I ordered from a sweet gal on Etsy. When I flipped it over I was delighted to see a chippy White barnyard door!!!! Score !!!!!! I also strung a beautiful vintage cloth decorated with old Christmas cards...Etsy purchase too!!!! I then added simple White flowers and two Luminara candles. These candles are awesome!!! Looks like a real flame....purchased these at QVC. So my mantel is done..,.simple and sweet...oh and WHITE!!!! LOL Now for mantel # 2......

My sign flipped over... from ShoreWoodBay on Etsy...,.

Looks pretty standing up with wreath as well....

Lemon leaf wreath......


Luminara candles vintage card garland from thegirlsmom on Etsy

Pretty and simple......

It's beginning to look a lot like....,..,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome Home Wednesday Linky Party

Hi all!!! Hope this message finds you well....I am very excited about the approaching Holidays!!! Thanks to all my party girls who link up every week. Getting parties off the ground is hard...and I appreciate your continued support! Do I sound like I am running for office or what? LOL Please link  up w3hat inspires you...craft...food...decor...whatever makes you smile!!! Hope you will please link  back to my party...and follow me if you do not already!!!1 See I am so easy to please...LOL Have FUN!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Parade Of Christmas Trees...,,

Hi all.. I have started to scour pics to get some different ideas to decorate my Christmas trees...yes more than one lol. As I look at all the ornate trees, I am always struck by the simplistic ones!!! Something about an evergreen tree in a bucket does it for me. Although I can appreciate the bling bling trees....I am drawn to simple beauty. I hope you will enjoy the simple beauty of these trees as much as I did!!!! God is quite the decorator.....snow and pine cones!!!!!!


Camillaathome.blogspot.com. Love the wheelbarrow!!!!!

love the candles!!!! Anneteshus.com

mylovelythings.blogspot.com. So vintage!!!!

houseandhome.com. So pretty!!!!!

peekingthruthesunflowers.blogspot.com. Let it snow !!!!!!!

lantlivinorregrd.blogspot.com. Love the old crate!!!!!!

marthastewart.com. Love the simple coastal theme.....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Little Comfort And Inspiration ....,

Here in the East Coast things have been crazy to say the least. Last night we had a snowstorm that dumped snow on already ravaged areas of our coast. My family was blessed, we only lost power... a little inconvenience. Many families have lost homes,cars, and some ,even their loved ones . The mood around here is pretty somber. I was browsing on Pinterest this morning, due to another school day off, and came across this passage. It made me feel hopeful and remember how this tragedy has made people come together to help others!!!! The outpouring of love I have seen has been truly amazing!!!!! God bless us all during this difficult time......

This really struck me when I saw it...hope it inspires you!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome Home Wednesday #7

Hi all!!! Hope you had a great week!!! I just want to say THANKS to all my peeps that were kind enough to link up last week....it was my biggest party so far!!!! Hope you will join me again and if you do.. If you are not already a follower i would love it if you would follow on Linky or GFC...you can also visit my Facebook!!! Please link back to my party...I have a new pretty button!!! Link up anything that inspires you and makes you smile!!!! Ready...Set.....Go!!!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Number Ribbon and Sneak Peek At Christmas!!!!!!

Hi all...hope this post finds my east coast gals doing better!!!!! I just purchased this wonderful burlap ribbon with numbers on it!!! When I found this my little heart skipped a beat!!! I am hooked on numbers these days so Farmhouse.....I also got Christmas ribbon at Michael's.... which I already have been using around my house!!! Oh I almost forgot.....a pretty white wreath from......wait for it.........HOMEGOODS!!!!!! LOL If my poor hubby stood still for too long I might wrap him in ribbon or slap a number on him!!!!! LOL Hope you enjoy the pics.....

Pretty ribbon from Michael's....



My new score from Homegoods!!!!!


Number ribbon.... Love it!!!!


I cut some of the ribbon and hot glued it on my baskets....


it's beginning to look a lot like..,,,,,,,,:)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Farmhouse Mantel Makeover...,

Home for days now so....redecorate something ....Lol. I ordered a great vintage sign from Etsy...that started the ball rolling!!!!! Went to work on my mantel ... feeling more Farmhouse this week... I have multiple decorator personality disorder!!!!!! If I don't get to work soon I will re decorate the whole joint. LOL LOL Here is what I came up with... And yes it was all sitting in my garage .....

This is what started it....

Love chippy old texture ...

Had these tin buckets on ice in my garage...

Got this one at Whiteflower Farmhouse.....

Grabbed these babies at.....wait for it.....HOMEGOODS,,, SURPRISE !!!! LOL LOL

Great pillow also on clearance at Homegoods....


When we moved into my Townhome this fireplace was not there ...my talented hubby built it!!!!