Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Little Chair That Could...Shabby Chic Makeover

Hi all.....thanks to my new followers and my three linky party guests!!!!Lol Rome was not built in a day!!!!Anyhoo I wanted to share with you my chair makeover.I purchased this chair for my living was small and it fit the bill.The print was brown flowers that I did not care for...but I needed a chair for a small spot...not so easy to find!!! So what's an addict to do.....yep a new cover!!!Now I know it seems silly to cover a brand new chair but decorater addicts have no I right?lol So I hired a wonderful women to make a cover for my chair. I picked out the material and the cover was made.I spent hours going through magazines to get the right look..But I think I did!!!! Then of course, just the right pillows!!!! I love it!!!!! Stay Peaceful.... Debbie

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My First Linky Party!!!!!

Hey first linky party....had some trouble... think I put it in wrong spot!!!!! Please join me anyway lol...what inspires you?







Monday, September 24, 2012

White Inspirations....

Some White Inspiration

Look at this lovely all white rooms!!!!! Are you drooling yet... because I am......


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spooky Mantel Makeover.......

Well I started the decorating on the inside of my house after finishing the porch.I had purchased some really cute things from Homegoods that I was excited to display.Every year I do something different and add to my collection.I really love the vintage look I purchased two of those for my mantels.....yes mantels I have three...another addiction!!!!LOL The pics today are from the mantel in my entryway...BOO!!! Debbie

Banner reads BONES withs some spooky pics in between...

Love the cute Bat signs... They are new....

Gotta have those pumpkins....White of course!!!!

Now off to Mantel number 2!!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Porch Time!!!!!

Hi all.....Fall is my fav time of year! The cool weather,the colorful leaves,and of course the decorating!!!! I just started with my porch...could not wait to get my Mums!!!! Of course alot of my stuff came from Homegoods ....surprised? Lol This year I got a Fall garland piece for over my front door....but I ended up using it as a wreath instead!!!! I also picked up a great pumpkin that lights up.....I got a real deal on that one. I saw it in a catalog for $48....I got it for $20!!!!!! I actually am on my way to Homegoods right laundry looks like it threw up in my closet !!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh did I mention Fall is a great time to get organized!!!! Stay Peaceful....Debbie

I like the oblong shape of it!!!!!


The pumpkin light! I love that it is White....


now to the inside!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Seaside Coastal Revamp!!!!

My sis and I recently went on an all day shopping extravaganza!!! She wanted to refresh some of her rooms,and infuse a little coastal vibe.We started out in Ikea... We got a few items from there,that will be in my next blog.Then we went to.....yes again....HOMEGOODS!!!!! And ,no,I am not related to anyone in the company!!!! LOL As always we hit the mother load and came back with a boat load( no put intended ) of coastal delights!!!!! We then went back to her humble abode and gave it a little cottage seaside facelift!!! We were both pleased with the results ,so you know what that means.... more shopping!!!!!! My next blog will be shoppers anon....LOL. Stay Peaceful.....Debbie

Before... Nice but too cutesy country....

I like the second mantel scape...Lots of starfish!!!!

Love whales....

Cheery red chairs and great beachy pillows!!!

Had to show you her gorgeous Mums just waited to be planted... That's we're the Hubby comes in...

Love hurricane lamps filled with goodies...Not bad for a couple of Decorator Addicts... it runs in my family!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Get Designer Look For Less!!!!

Hi all... The whole reason I began to blog was to show decorator wanna be 's that you can do it on a budget !!! In this economy things are tight... and after food,clothes,and our kiddo's needs there is not much left over!!! So what's a decorator addict to, bargains,bargains!!!! As you all know Home Goods is my go to store. Lots of great house stuff....much cheaper than in other stores. I also shop Pottery Barn some great deals there . I dabble in Pier One....can get good buys there at the end of the season.If I want something unique I go to Etsy....that is a decorator addicts dream!!! Just type in your search word...seaside....beach...cottage...and PRESTO!!! I want to give a shout out to my sister Darlene... she said my blog inspired her to re-do her house to Beachy Seaside Cottage!!! Is that a style? LOL I hope my blog inspires you, like my blogger ladies sites inspire me!!! Stay Peaceful....and go decorate something!!! Debbie

Got this great hurricane lamp covered in burlap For $7.99

You can put a candle in it...looks great lit!!!!

Also looks great with white flowers...

I ended up putting it in a wreath with a candle.

Got this candle stick for $4. My friends hated it!!! I try to think outside the decorator box!!!!


Also got this wood tray from Homegoods..

Ended up to be a pretty display. Total cost of entire display...fifty dollars!!! Pretty reasonable for all those pieces I think....Ikea trip Monday!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Looking Forward To Ikea Extravaganza!!!!!


Believe it or not I have never been to Ikea!!!!! Now I know to a decorator addict like me this is blasphemy .... I convinced my sis to take me to Ikea this coming weekend. Every time I look on a vintage or farmhouse blog they have great items that they purchased at Ikea.I am very excited and a little intimidated.I have been told Ikea can be overwhelming....and that it is like a big maze.Someone also told me they serve food.Can this be?My two favorite things shopping and food? LOL I am planning on taking lots of pics on our outing, and will post about all my goodies! In the meantime another TJ Maxx trip sufficed and of course I came home with a goodie!!!!! Thus my addiction...... Stay Peaceful .... Debbie

Love this wreaTh!!! looks like a ring of creamy beige roses, but it is made of rolled wood!!! so shabby Chic!!!!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Starfish and Beachy Decor!!!!

Shells and Starfish have become a big part of my decor. I have them in baskets,vases ,on my window tops.....any where I can think of!!!!!! To me they really evoke the feeling of beach and a calming seaside retreat. During the holidays I incorporate them in my seaside themed decorations. I have purchased them at several different venues. Some at beach gift shops,others at stores like The Christmas Tree Shop!!!! I also enjoy gathering them during a walk on the Jersey Shore.....Ahh Summer will be missed !!!!! Debbie



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vintage Signs In Your Seaside Decor !!!

Ok.... Let me cop to yet another addictions signs and wall words!!! After reading many mags on seaside decorating I noticed a reoccurring component , SIGNS !!!!! So then the quest began ,signs, beat up and chippy with a seaside theme. When you come to my home their is alot to read!!!!! Lol I found wall words that I could customize, and had great beach themes. My hubby less than thrilled with this new addiction, since he was the wall words putter upper!!!!! I have lots of signs that evoke that beachy feel, and yet I am still always looking!!! I switch things around alot....hence my OCD.....but you can never have enough beach can you? I also am addicted to numbers on things....but that is for another blog.....LOL. stay peaceful.....Debbie


This one of my favorite signs,it is on an old piece of driftwood. I love the saying especially!!!!!

Love the colors of these signs and I do consider my house a seaside cottage!!! LOL

This one is of my favorites!!! It is painted on an old cabinet door.

Love the sentiment on this one, almost got divorced over putting this one up!!!! LOL

This sign was very cheap.Got it for $ 4!!!!!

This one goes all around my kitchen soffit.

Yes ...words on even the pillows!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my sign parade!!!!