Friday, August 16, 2013

Kitchen Progress.... Slow and Steady!!!!'

Well my hubby started my kitchen months ago.... It is a work in progress!!!! In his defense he has been working a lot, which is good, and squeezing my kitchen in when he can. I have a target date of completion... Christmas... fingers crossed !!!! Cabinets are almost all painted, but of course I already have my new fixtures up!!!!! I also purchased a great rattan bar stool from Homegoods... and mixed it in with my other ones. Could I be getting Eclectic in my old age? lol lol. Found a place where we can order an unfinished wood counter top that the hubby will paint and finish. Then we need to pick out tile for the backsplash area. I want breadboard....hubby wants tile... let the games begin!!!!!!!


My new Schoolhouse them!!!!!!!

My new bar stool... go Eclectic me!!!!!!!!

Just my thought about Summer!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Cottage Look For Less!!!!!

Hi all....I am done with the Summer program at work so that leaves me more time to bargain hunt!!! My fav hot spots are Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's. I find that you can get the same look as Pottery Barn or Ballards for a lot less... but it takes time and hunting skills!!!! Hunting was good this week... Lol... So I wanted to share my new found treasures... all for under $. 10 !!!!!!!'


ok... This was over 10$.... It was 15$.......put it as centerpiece on my dining room table!!!!


Looks so pretty lit!!!!!

This pretty box was 5$... I put the flowers in .....


This was the find of the day.... tin bucket with number 5..... two bucks !!!!!!!!


This cool number block was 7$..... yes... I have a number addiction!!!!!!LOL


Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Blogging Break......

Hi all....I know I took a REALLY long break from bloggin... I got caught up with many views I had....the "bigger blogs"...all of a sudden having a blog was pressure....not fun. I decided to take a breather...and decide why I really wanted to be a blogger. I started my blog because I love to decorate...and I wanted to share this with other decor enthusiasts. I loved the exchange of creativity it provided....and of course the lovely people I met along the way! I am ...again. I have done lots to my house,and excited to share it. I won"t get caught up in all the other was making me CRAZY!!!! I hope you all enjoy my little blog...and I am happy to keep that way. My illusions of granger are over!!!!! LOL LOL