Sunday, September 2, 2012

Anyone Else Addicted to Homegoods ?

As I have said before I am a Pottery Barn lover,however my checkbook does not have that kind of power.... So what's a decorating addict to do.....HOMEGOODS!!!!! I have gotten some great buys there for great prices. You really have to be diligent ,they get new stock in all the time. This week I bought a new chair that reclines 299$, an adorable clock 14.99$, and a cute seaside style lantern 14.99$!!!! Now I know that sounds like alot, I usually do not purchase big furniture pieces , but this cutie I could not pass up. This chair looks good and still let's the hubby recline and watch his fav TV shows!!!! I have managed to get the look I love without a big price tag, and in this economy that's a must.... Till next time my fellow addicts stay peaceful, and go decorate something!!!!!! Debbie Ps. Oh I forgot this great vintage looking sign...



  1. I love HG too! I've taken a 2 month hiatus to stop spending a bit, but then I'll be back!

  2. I've never been to a Home Goods store, have no idea where one is closest to us (which is western Co, Grand Junction area). I hear about it all the time. Guess I'll have to see about looking into their website. Just hate having to pay s&h.Too cheap. We're pretty "good store" deprived here.
    If the chair you're talking about is the blue one with the muted flower fabric oh boy am I envious. Your chair would sure go in my l/r. Hate hubs ugly recliner. It really needs replacing but he won't part with it, bummer.
    Loved everything you featured in your pics. Guess I'll do a search to find out where the nearest Home goods is. Happy life. Think I'll sign up to be a new subscriber.


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