Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Looking Forward To Ikea Extravaganza!!!!!


Believe it or not I have never been to Ikea!!!!! Now I know to a decorator addict like me this is blasphemy .... I convinced my sis to take me to Ikea this coming weekend. Every time I look on a vintage or farmhouse blog they have great items that they purchased at Ikea.I am very excited and a little intimidated.I have been told Ikea can be overwhelming....and that it is like a big maze.Someone also told me they serve food.Can this be?My two favorite things shopping and food? LOL I am planning on taking lots of pics on our outing, and will post about all my goodies! In the meantime another TJ Maxx trip sufficed and of course I came home with a goodie!!!!! Thus my addiction...... Stay Peaceful .... Debbie

Love this wreaTh!!! looks like a ring of creamy beige roses, but it is made of rolled wood!!! so shabby Chic!!!!


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