Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!

Hi keeping with this very Holy Week I am skipping the party......hope you will all join me again next week!!! I just want to extend blessings to  all  to have a happy Easter and Passover.  I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life.....and all my blogger friends that I have met during this new journey of mine. I appreciate the time you take to leave your sweet comments....and to join my party each week. Sometimes when I go to the bigger blogs I  get a little discouraged, then I think hey its quality not quantity!!!!!! LOL LOL Enjoy my friends!!!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcome Home Wednesday # 24

Hi gals... Hope your week was good! They see to be going by so fast... hope you can join my party!!! A big thanks to my girls that link up every week,,,, ENJOY!!!!

Ticking Stripes and Sailboats..

Hi all!!! Just scored a new find at yes... HOMEGOODS!!! I am really lovin blue ticking stripe in my Summer decor... and I found a sailboat with a ticking stripe sail!!! I also purchased a sweet pillow cover from Ann at Sutton Place Designs. It also is sporting a blue stripe.... score again !!! LOL I am having Roman Shades made for my dining room with.,,, you guessed it... blue stripes!!! I just think blue stripes evoke that Beachy feel that I love so much... even in March!!! It is never too soon to get your Beach on!!!!!

Sweet heart came with my pillow case... and don't you just love that ticking stripe sail?

My new pillow cover..,,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Welcome Home Wednesday # 23

Hi all!!! Another week gone bye....WOW!!! It is almost Spring and I have already got the fixer-upper bug!!! My poor hubby has been workin hard sprucing up the joint... I just put down a new floor in the living room ( well my hubby did...I supervised LOL) and I love it!!! Still workin on the kitchen. Hope you will join me this week with some Spring are all so talented and inspiring I am in awe!!!! Again a big THANK YOU to everyone who joins....ready....set....INSPIRE!!!!! I will party at Savvy Southern Style

Monday, March 11, 2013

The New Floor!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!! I posted a while back about my kitchen renovation... which is on going!!! In the meantime... I decided I wanted a new floor in my living room. My hubby was less than thrilled... and to switch projects midway is quite a breach of protocol!!!! LOL LOL But my hubby was tired of my nagging... and Home Depot was having sale!!!! So it began... my hubby and son had it done in on day... and it is BEAUTIFUL !!!!! Bye bye dirty carpet!!!! The kitchen is coming along, the cabinets are almost done. Then to the backsplash and counters!!! Hubby is busy... I know I am SO lucky to have a Handy Andy hubby!!!!



Bye bye carpet.....

Hello wood floor!!!!


Love my hubby!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Welcome Home Wednesday # 22

Hi my girls!!!! Hope everyone is well...I know the weather has been WILD!!!! We might get some wind/snow/rain down here.I am looking forward to the Summer...already got my sailboats out!!!! Hope everyone can join the party..... a BIG THANK YOU to all my gals that link up every week!!!! Enjoy.......