Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Pottery Barn Light

Hi all... been a long time between posts .... so busy... My daughters Birthday bash was a hit!!!! We are all tired.... a little hung over.... but it was FUN!!!! Lol. You all know I love Pottery Barn...but who can afford it? So thrifty as I am.... I stalk The Barn until my item comes on sale!!!! This funky light fixture I bought was on sale for $ 99. I did not realize how big it would be.... always looks smaller in catalog. When I first put it up I was not sure...now I love it. I call it Farmhouse Funky!!!! Lol. My next post about my Homegoods bargains!!!! Have a great week!!!!!

Yum.... The Birthday cake..... Lol



Chicken wire cover.....


Well... what do ya think? Funky Farmhouse ? Lol lol

Welcome Home Wednesday # 28

Hi friends.....hoping I can at least write a post tonight!!! Have been so BUSY....Birthdays....Communions....Mothers Day....OH MY !!!!!! Hope you can all party tonight....I know this time of the year is so busy.... really appreciate my friends that stop by!!! I will be posting later with some great shopping buys....after all...birthday money burns a hole in my pocket!!!! LOL

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Welcome Home Wednesday # 27

Hi friends..hope you are all well! This is my 27th party.....my birthday is the 27th of this month.....and I am 27 years old!!!!! LOL   My nose is growing....well the first two are true!!!!!  Also my daughter Kait is turning 21....her birthday is the day after mine. Where has the time gone? My baby turning 21.....sigh.....well enough of that!!!!  LOL  Hope you will all join me for my Welcome Home Party....the birthday addition!!!! Thanks to everyone who joins in every week....ENJOY....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Welcome Home Wednesday #26

Hi all....hope everyone had a great week!!!! I am loving the warmer weather.....really want to get outside and start planting... not enough time in a day sometimes!!!! Thanks to all my friends that joined last week....and who take the time to leave such sweet comments!!! I try to go to everyones entry...cant always get the time to comment on all. But I DO appreciate everyone.....hope you can join this week. On a more somber note...my heart goes out to all the families of the Boston bombing. Breaks my heart to see another child die so senselessly...... We also have had some tragedies in my own town...losing our football coach at only 55. Please keep all of these families in your prayers.....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Seaside Cottage Bedroom Touches....

I always want my bedroom to feel likes a retreat ...... where I can relax and unwind. I continued the beach cottage theme in my bedroom with little cottage touches. My husband does not think it is so masculine , but he is adjusting!!!! Get your beach on!!!!!!

Seashells and ticking stripes !!!!

Of course ,,, a Cottage sign!!! N

Flowers in baskets....

My sweet little chair....

Pretty pillows a must...,

My fav place Cape May.....

More pillow love!!!!!

Pretty wispy wreath........

 Savvy Southern Style

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcome Home Wednesday #25

Hi all !!!!! Thanks so much for joining me last week.....always such lovely ideas!!! Hope you will join me again these week with your creativity........ THANKS A BUNCH !!!!!!   Enjoy!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Seaside Cottage Inspirations.....,.,

Well it's beginning to look like.. BEACH TIME!!!!!! I know... not just yet....but almost!!!! I have started to cruise Pinterest for some Beachy inspiration and I am never disappointed!!!! I just wanted to share some great looks ......and even some of my own. Enjoy......can you feel the breeze?


Can I sit here? lol

love this fireplace ....and the catch!!!!

love the blue stripe rug.... so Beachy!!!!!!

This is my home.....love my new sailboat!!!!!!


Little shell on my ladder..,..

If you can't go to the beach.... bring it inside!!!!!!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Many Seasons Of My Mantel

Out of all the things I love to decorate... my mantel is my favorite. It is every changing....according to the season or my whims!!! LOL I thought it would be fun to post my fav mantel scapes!!!!!


In the Autumn love my Bittersweet,,,,




Valentines Day LOVE....

Christmas HOPE....


Love all white......


Vintage card garland.....

Spring farmhouse look!!!!

This is only one of the three mantels in my house!!! LOL

Welcome Home Wednesday #24

Hi all.....hope you all had a great holiday!!! I was off from work...and enjoyed relaxing at home. I also went to Tea with my girlfriends. I love tea sandwiches , good friends ,and a good cup of tea!!!! On a more serious note, I am having a spam problem. Lots of nasty comments are being left on my blog, so I am forced to moderate . By nasty I mean inappropriate advertising and comments. When I first started blogging this never happened, but now it has gotten bad.
I hope you will all join me for an always fun and inspiring party!!! Thanks to all that stop by every week!!!!