Friday, August 16, 2013

Kitchen Progress.... Slow and Steady!!!!'

Well my hubby started my kitchen months ago.... It is a work in progress!!!! In his defense he has been working a lot, which is good, and squeezing my kitchen in when he can. I have a target date of completion... Christmas... fingers crossed !!!! Cabinets are almost all painted, but of course I already have my new fixtures up!!!!! I also purchased a great rattan bar stool from Homegoods... and mixed it in with my other ones. Could I be getting Eclectic in my old age? lol lol. Found a place where we can order an unfinished wood counter top that the hubby will paint and finish. Then we need to pick out tile for the backsplash area. I want breadboard....hubby wants tile... let the games begin!!!!!!!


My new Schoolhouse them!!!!!!!

My new bar stool... go Eclectic me!!!!!!!!

Just my thought about Summer!!!!!!


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  1. just a friend from FB:Bloggy Girls Club...stopping by to say HI- love anything on a dime! we just bought a house in Utah- having moved from Hawaii- I love your seaside ideas!


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