Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Home Goods For Your Cottage Decor

Hi all....of course I have been visiting my Home Goods often... and have found some great bargains!!!!! My first was this great vintage looking rocking horse. It was broken.... and I persuaded the Manager to consider it Christmas merchandise .... so 70% off!!!!! I attacked it with my hot glue gun ( a girls's best friend ) and fixed the broken spot. I only ended up paying $20... and it is a pretty good size! Next to ease my White addiction I purchased a lovely platter.... this ended up on my winter white mantel. I also scored a great wire basket with a burlap liner... I will fill this with White birch logs. The plate was $6....basket $24..... jeeze I LOVE a bargain!!!!! I shop often... but I do not spend a lot.... and I love coming home with a little treasure! Next the fun is to find that perfect spot...... let the games begin!!!! LOL LOL


LOVE my horsey....


Always room for one more basket!!!!!!

Never have to many pretty white plates!!!!!


Oops...forgot about this sweet little wood box.....I put some flowers in!!!! $6

Put it all together for a simple cottage farmhouse look!!!!


  1. I love all your purchases. In my last home - literally twice the size - I had a big rocking horse collection. That is one of the things that had to go. I don't ever think about it, but your lovely horse made me think about my fun horses.

  2. Love the look with your goodies from Home Goods. The rocking horse is a great find.
    Mary Alice

  3. Love the rocking horse! It's so much fun to shop at Home Goods.

  4. We don't have a Home Goods anywhere near here (probably a good thing!)but I've seen lots of goodies from there on various blogs. Your new treasures are really charming. Great deal on that adorable horse!

    Jeanette @ Creating A Life

  5. This all looks terrific together! Love the style!

  6. Wow, you got some great bargains! Love your whites, Jean

  7. Gorgeous. Love your mantel and the green garland with the burlap. Score on your horse and basket! I love HomeGoods!

  8. Debbie great finds! I need to get in there more often!

  9. A simple cottage farmhouse look that I love ~ great finds!

  10. ahhhhhhhhhhhh -mazing !!!! love it all . SIMPLE and just beautiful statement for any room. LOVE it all

  11. I luv that horse...everything looks fabulous...
    over from Lavender Garden

  12. Wow! You got some great stuff. That horse is wonderful!

    I love your rock fireplace.

  13. Great finds (awesome finds). I love the wood plank(s) you have in the backdrop on the fireplace mantel. Just ahhhhsome!

    Thanks, Jenn (via Liz's TTT)


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