Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Little Comfort And Inspiration ....,

Here in the East Coast things have been crazy to say the least. Last night we had a snowstorm that dumped snow on already ravaged areas of our coast. My family was blessed, we only lost power... a little inconvenience. Many families have lost homes,cars, and some ,even their loved ones . The mood around here is pretty somber. I was browsing on Pinterest this morning, due to another school day off, and came across this passage. It made me feel hopeful and remember how this tragedy has made people come together to help others!!!! The outpouring of love I have seen has been truly amazing!!!!! God bless us all during this difficult time......

This really struck me when I saw it...hope it inspires you!!!!!!


  1. I feel so bad for you all out there. Keep the faith as I am sure you will. We are thinking of you out here in the midwest...and by the way I just love your ideas!

  2. Such a beautiful quote and perfect during this horrible situation on the East Coast. Glad to hear you are safe and sound.

  3. Beautiful Debbie!
    So true, so true.
    Im your newest follower...looking forward to visiting you here!

    Deborah ;)


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