Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cape May Weekend

Cape May Nj is one of my favorite destinations.This past weekend I had the pleasure of browsing the many interesting shops that the Cape has to offer.My new fav haunt is The West End Garage.It is full of interesting booths that have a little something.
Of course I being a vintage junkie go right for the antique booths. My big purchase was a beautiful pillow that reads AVALON. When I looked at it, the feeling was nostalgia and beach to me.I also purchased a Lavender soy candle. Of course the door in my car was barely shut and I was running around with my pillow looking for just the spot. When I found it , the decorating junkie in me was satisfied for now.....tomorrow is another day! LOL. Go decorate something !!!!!

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  1. Looks great Debbie! Thanks for purchasing the pillow from my booth.


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